In 1969, Tsunemitsu Okura founded Atelier Maillet D’or where to design and to manufacture“made in Japan” fine jewelries. Then, the atelier with technical excellence was succeeded by his son, Hitoshi Okura, and its own manufacturing brand, “OKURADO” was established in 2009.

It has had experts in all areas, namely designers, gemologists, and craftsmen which it has inherited since its establishment. The sensibility and skills, that have been passed on in the atelier, have made possible to present timeless high-end jewelries to the world even after nearly 50 years since its establishment.

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OKURADO jewelries are all handmade by highly skilled craftsmen who design and make in its own atelier. The philosophy of OKURADO that is a total self-producing jeweler consistently is proved not only in techniques, but also in materials. To name a few, the “genuine” vermillion lacquer called honshu urushi applied by Makie (Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder) craftsman from Wajima and Echizen as well as the red coral from off-the-coast of Tosa which is known as the world’s best precious coral. OKURADO is very particular to use Japan’s leading materials boldly, and that is highly regarded domestically as well as internationally


Supreme TIARAS

Out of numerous jewelries, making tiaras require distinguished techniques. High-end tiaras, which are not mass-produced, require the top level of techniques, therefore, can be only made in very confined ateliers. OKURADO has managed to make several dozens of tiaras so far, which include those for royal families around the world, and needless to say, every one of them is “one-of-a-kind” tiara on the planet.

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The Japanese beauty has made across the ocean to the world. The late Ichikawa Danjuro XII who was the greatest Kabuki actor had empathy with the spirit of OKURADO. In 2009, a collaboration of Dajuro and OKURADO [MIMASU-three squares nested inside one another which is the design of the Ichikawa family crest] was released. Then, this beautiful work designed by Danjuro went overseas and the brooch was presented to and was put on the chest of Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, when Dajuro and his son Ebizo had performance in Monaco.



In 2016, despite that it has been only seven years since its establishment of the brand, OKURADO, “OUKA” (cherry blossoms), a diamond necklace, appeared on the cover of Japanese Jewelers Directory